Monday, April 30, 2012

Patience is a Virtue

Before the GW embargo Jack ordered two boxes of Wracks from Maelstrom Games. That was 29 May 2011.

Well 336 days later they hit the Dunn mailbox. Yes, that's right.....just over 11 months.

Jack doesn't believe me so here is a picture of the long overdue Wracks.....

And in front of today's newspaper as "proof of life"!!!!!

As they say on the advert "Good things take time".


  1. 1) I'll need proof that they came from Maelstrom, not picked up at the Wargames Supply sale or anything

    2) This is finecast we're talking about. "Good things take time" isn't really relevant

    1. OH SNAP!! Jack comes out swinging

      I know a service that is much better than this.. Just sayin'

  2. Hope those look better than mine did... i went 2 for 5 from the box i bought locally. still waiting for GW to get me some suitable replacements.


  3. Um do you get a refund or credit for the 336 day delivery special?

    That's awful and I am an expert on doing horrible things to my customers...