Monday, April 23, 2012

Ogres - A Nicon Variant

Over the weekend I had two games with my Ogres, looking at a list to use potentially at NiCon. The NiCon restricts Ogres to one Ironblaster and six Mournfang (go figure) so my usual list requires some changes.

Essentially, I took:


8 Bulls - FC
8 Ironguts – FC and Std of Discipline

6 Maneaters
2 Mournfang
4 Mournfang – Std, Muso, Dragonhide Banner
3x 1 Sabretusks


The first game was Battleline versus Matt’s two Dragon List. It was pretty much over as a contest when a Fireball removed his archers and a cannonball his Lion Chariot on Turn 1. Thirty spearmen with Level 2 Mage panicked off the board (buy a BSB, people). From there my Maneaters monstered a unit of Dragon Princes who were left with no alternative but to charge them and the big Mournfang unit went through another block of 30 spear. The big Mournfang block was charged by two dragons, removed their riders and eventually fell taking the Star Dragon with them. The other dragon flapped off to lick its wounds.

In the second I played Mike’s Lizards in Watchtower. He gave up putting anything in the tower so I scouted Maneaters and they occupied tower turn one. Mike’s Slaan was Ethereal and I managed to charge him with the big Mournfang who hoped the magical attacks from the banner would bring him down. Unfortunately (for me) Mike saved all four wounds and the resulting break test. He used the Shadow lore attribute to swap the Slaan out. At this point Mike’s luck turned bad and my Mournfang survived a charge from a Saurus blook. Mike had a great magic phase set up – effectively 11 dice to four – but failed to cast the first spell rolling double 1. I was able to mop up the three saurus blocks and Mike was left with a Slaan and a unit of skinks. I thought Mike’s luck abandoned him at a critical time and that make the result more straightforward.

I’m not sure I like the list particularly. My big Mournfang unit is 350 points which seems a lot. With the Maneaters also coming in over 300 points, I have four units that cost 300 or more. Outside these units my army comes to a total of 379 points. That makes it difficult to get points out of in combat but vulnerable to big spells. I still don’t see an answer versus Warriors and I suspect VC might cause it problems, especially a Scream list.


  1. Only played one game with my new fatties since i got out of hospital and i can see what all the fuss is about(power wise) hehe.They are a burtal list,but i can see how seasoned players will be able to defeat them.

    What kit are you taking on your Maneaters?
    I tend to take the dragon banner on my Maneaters and give them swiftstrider and scout.

    Haven't tried a unit of 4 mournfang cav yet,i like how units of two work

    I'm planning on taking my fatties to Southcon in 5 weeks so i'v plan a few more games to get my head round how they fat boys work.Playing WoC next weekend and possably a OG list on Thursday

    Cheers Darren

  2. Scout and ITP. ITP lets them operate independently.

  3. Ive played against ogres a few times (including Petes list) and I cant really see the issue with the army. IMO the only broken things are the undercosted hellheart and the greedy fist combo.
    The army suffers from low leadership, low armour, and is very one dimensional. Maybe the ironblaster is a little undercosted but put in the context of the Ogre book its not that bad. Its certainly no Hydra/abom.

    Pete have you tried running the Thundertusk and Ironblaster in the same list?

  4. No, I have run Thundertusk and Stonehorn together though. The 6" hex is hard to get off - due to Ogre units' depth - without putting Monster in front line

    1. I was also thinking of it as a substitute for the second ironblaster, as it is also a move and fire stone thrower. I played a list with this combo in the weekend and was impressed at how it preformed.

  5. Expensive....250 points. I would want to pay more than what I do for an IB for a warmachine.

    Think the Stank is/was marginal choice at the 250/300 points if you want a WM. You are paying for its other attributes....not sure the big OK monsters have that attractive exploitable "other" attributes.