Friday, April 27, 2012

On the Road

This Sunday, Tom, Mike King and myself are making the trek across the Rimutakas to visit the Masterton Marauders club. The club was set up over the past eighteen months and features some of the regulars at Wellington events.

Mike and Tom are looking at playing doubles and I am making the ultimate sacrifice and playing their local Dwarf, Simon Switzer. It is important to take one for the team every now and then to stop other people having their hobby ruined by having to play against the stunties. I’m pretty sure that there should be a public register of dwarf players here in New Zealand so that people know if they have one living in their community.

I’m going to take the Ogres over and will look to run the Stonehorn and Thundertusk, I think. The models are finished and based so we’ll see how they perform.

Really looking forward to visiting the Marauders as I appreciate the efforts they make to come to Wellington events…..yes, even the Dwarfs!

Horned Rat looks like it will have a field of 30 participants. This will make it the largest WHFB event in Wellington for awhile… fact since the first Runefang in 2008. I’m really happy with this and appreciate the efforts people are making to get here and Raymond’s effort in giving up his time to Umpire. Tomorrow I’m finishing off the terrain I’ve been making and trying to cajole my lovely wife into hemming the basecloths I’ve bought.

And yes James….posting pics of the Mortis Engine!


  1. Great Stuff Peter. could always use another win! ;D

    Looking forward to it :D.

  2. Come on there's so few of us and we have M3 it's pretty easy to avoid us.

    Maybe one year you can venture South or I North and you can watch in awe as I reform needlessly pretend that I am going to advance and scratch my beard while swivelling my cannons (definitely a euphemism)

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  4. Stay away from any hot air balloons...

  5. Looking forward to having you all over.

    Masterton Marauders

  6. Thanks to the Marauders for their hospitality, we had a great time. The guys have a real vibrant club with a good mix of ages and different games being played.

    I'm not so sure about Masterton though. The local cinema was advertising the upcoming release of "Back to the Future"!

  7. Great,
    I haven't seen that one!
    Next week its the Wizard of Oz