Monday, April 30, 2012

Thoughts on Races Pre-Posting of Lists

Here's some quick thoughts on the various races

Lizards - Mal will have two Slaans and a billion skinks

High Elves - I'll be shocked if Alex doesn't have the Book of Hoeth

Vampires - Glen's list has more screams than a One Direction concert

WoC - Neil will be the only Warrior without the Puppet

Wood Elves - Joel = 90 shots

Tomb Kings - Tim = 80 shots plus two catapults

Skaven - One will be soft and fluffy, one won't.

Dwarfs - Who cares? If they play each other it means a maximum of eight people get their weekend spoiled

Chaos Dwarfs - Destroyer and more Death Rockets than you can poke a stick at. Don't let him cast "Ash Cloud"

Beastmen - Plan A - Flying Doombull. Plan B - ?????

Daemons - Tom's list makes his Dad proud!!!

Orcs & Goblins - New army for Nicholas

Empire - I understand that Rory likes his knight bus

Ogres - 34 models. How hard can that be?


  1. You should have quit while you were a head;

    I'd score you 8.5 out of 14 there

  2. I promise I will not cast Ash Cloud for the entire tournament. Ash Storm on the other hand....

    1. And I promise not to mark you as favourite opponent...I swear you have some sort of conspiracy going on regarding that award...must be all the deneb stone :P

      + what's wrong with 90 shots/turn? best armour save in army is 5+...

    2. My name is already on it...Nah, I have won more best army than sports.

  3. New goal: Spoil as much weekends as possible!

    But the main goal is still top priority: DON'T come LAST!


  4. What's a Puppet?


  5. No Double Slann...........just one Slann and his 2 billion skinks, someone has already dubbed the army death by a thousand cuts


  6. Sorry Pete no book in my list. Actually Joel insisted I make my list stronger as he didn't think I'd stand a chance otherwise (who'd have thunk it).

    - Alex

  7. Im actually bringing a Tomb Prince army not Tomb Kings as everyone thinks they are rubbish.

    Pete I thought Wellington was the NZ stronghold for the dawi folk? Your Ogres been playing wack a Dwarf (mole) with them to much? or they just all off pretending to be hobbitses?