Tuesday, August 19, 2014

2015 ETC Selection Process

Since the end of the ETC I have been asked about ETC selection process for 2015. Thought I go through what was discussed by the team in the hours after. This fits with previous process but establishes a slightly different timeframe.
Part of the reason for this was so members of this year's team could have a period of time to reflect on whether they wanted to be in the 2015 mix.
The first stage is that the 2014 team elects a Captain for 2015 from available applicants. It is my intention to call for nominations for 2015 Captain on 1 October and to close the application window on 15 October. The team will then vote to determine the preferred applicant. Essentially there are nine votes – including James Milner (2014 Coach). In the event of a draw, and to get early resolution, I’ll have a casting vote. This will be finalised no later than 22 October.
The incoming Captain will then establish a selection panel of his choosing. In the past it has included past captains and players. My recommendation is that the panel include at least one person who does not intend attending 2015 ETC (to provide wider perspective). The selection criteria will be established by the panel. This year I stated upfront what the panel was looking for in applicants.

Applicants for the 2015 will then be opened and any interested player will be able to apply. The only criteria from ETC is that a minimum of 4 players hold NZ passports. This year we aimed to provide a team that blended experience with a reflection of the NZ tournament community.
I would expect that the whole process would be completed by mid-November giving a nine month lead-in for preparation.
As an aside people have asked what they can do to get on the team. The following are my own thoughts based on my prep and what I saw and experienced this year.
  • It is a nine month commitment to ETC
  • You can never prepare enough. Select a race you want to play and use it relentlessly.
  • For this to be meaningful I believe you need to fit your army to ETC restrictions. So if you are playing “Swedish” take an ETC army that fits those restrictions. Essentially, playing an army that is significantly harder than that allowed for the race at ETC is of lesser relevance than practice with ETC army.
  • Clubbing baby seals maybe (is) fun, but of less relevance than your results versus other “good” players. For instance, the English selection process ignores rankings and focuses on how you have done versus other ETC players. I think this is a solid practice.
  • Be a team player…individual egos need to be shelved. So if you are focussed on your own individual goals rather than team placing, then I contend you are less useful to your captain.
Hopefully this year’s event, the coverage etc will whet the appetite of people to apply for 2015. This year we had 16 applicants. It would be great to have that choice again. If you want to discuss further I’m happy to answer any questions and provide my view.

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  1. Just an interesting statistic for you Pete, and I'm sure the brains trust of Jack and Tom will be able to back me up here.

    2013 - No Hakas performed - 26th Place
    2014 - 1 Solo Haka performed - 20th Place
    2015 - ? Group Hakas performed - $$?

    I believe that the people in the team need to have the requisite cultural knowledge to allow for the generation of an impressive Haka capability to drive the Black Dice to glory.

    1. It was a pretty impressive haka. I think if any of us others had tried to get involved it would have greatly diminished its impact.

      massive ovation from whole hall. Wish I had video.

    2. It was an impressive performance and the whole hall turned to watch it! It wasn't my first live Haka and hopefully won't be my last!

    3. I was standing a good 20 metres away when it started, but can still vividly recall my heart pumping with joy over roar of man and smash from fist. Beautiful and impressive to see spirit set free in such way.


    4. Thanks guys...it was really spare of the moment...In hindsight Kamate (name of the Haka) is pretty appropriate for Warhammer - it literally translates to " it is life! it is death!"...the haka details the Maori chief Te Rauparaha in his pursuit of the Tainui tribes of the Waikato region and his struggles against them...I forgot most of the chant that precedes the haka I think (probably only did the first 4 lines), but I'll learn the rest for next time! I think some people got some photos but oh well! It'll be more epic when every rocks it next time!
      PS Hermund you rule my world!

  2. Literally had to be there. No-one could start their iPhone AND look at the same time.

  3. that would have been awesome, I have performed a Haka once after we won our Auckland rugby finals and it was a great experience. Gets you pumped!