Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Lore of Undeath

Here are rumoured details on Nagash's Lore of Undeath

Lore Attribute - Raise Dead
Place a counter on the battlefield every time a friendly Wizard successfully casts a spell from the Lore of Undeath. Any friendly Wizard who casts a summoning spell from the Lore of Undeath may choose, after having successfully cast the spell, to spend one or more counters. For every counter spent, he increases by 10 the amount of points that the spell may summon.

Signature Spell Call of the Grave (9+)
Call of the Grave is a summoning spell with a range of 12". Base spell summons a 50 point infantry unit from the Undead Legions list. Bigger versions summon a 100 point (13+) or 150 point (16+) unit.

1. Dark Breath (6+)
Dark Breath is a blessing that targets a friendly unit with the Undead rule within 12" of the caster. The unit immediately regains 1D3+1 wounds. In addition, if the unit is not engaged in combat, it can perform a normal movement as if it were the Remaining Moves phase.

2. Hand of Dust (7+)
Hand of Dust is a blessing that targets the caster. In combat, the wizard may choose to forego all of its normal attacks in order to perform a single attack with the Hand of Dust against a single miniature in base to base contact. If the attack roll hits, the enemy takes a wound with the Multiple Wounds (D6) rule with no armour saves allowed. If Hand of Dust kills an enemy character in a challenge, immediately gain D6 Raise Dead counters.

3. Soul Stealer (8+)
Soul Stealer is a direct damage spell with a 12" range. Roll 2D6+2. For each point the result exceeds the target's Leadership, the target takes a wound with no armour saves allowed. If this spell causes at least one unsaved wound, gain D3 Raise Dead counters.

4. Abyssal Swarm (10+)
Abyssal Swarm is a summoning spell with a range of 12". The caster summons a unit of War Beasts or Swarms from the Undead Legions list of up to 75 points. Caster may instead choose to summon a unit of Monstrous Beasts of up to 150 points, in which case the difficulty is 16+.

5. The Herald (10+)
The Herald is a summoning spell with a range of 12". The caster summons a character of up to 65 points from the Undead Legions list. The caster may instead choose to summon a single Monster, Chariot or War Machine of up to 200 points, in which case the difficulty is 24+.

6. Dark Riders (16+)
Dark Riders is a summoning spell with a range of 12". The caster summons a unit of Cavalry, Monstruous Cavalry or Chariots from the Undead Legions list of up to 150 points.

Scary stuff!

Yes Timmy. We want you to use all these great models


  1. I feel sorry for this "Timmy" kid. What has he ever done to you?

    1. Little Timmy supports Man Utd. Well he did two years ago when they were winning the League. Now Chelsea and City are his second(s) team.

      In Warhammer he bandwagons whatever' the Internet says is best. He collected WoC forever (ok three months) and had two DPs and a disk BSB but now he's "always" been a Dark Elf player.

      However he likes the look of this Nagash dude.

      I like Timmy. He makes me smile

  2. At least they only have range of 12", else instant Rear threat!

    *Insert crude joke here*

  3. Not too scary at all... unless you are tripling the points costs (isn't that right Mr Naggy?).

    We have 4 variations on raise dead... giving at best 150pt of cav/mc/chariots for 16+ (ie. more casting risk than a gateway/final trans/purplesun). If you cannot kill 5 black knights or 3 TK chariots.... you're doing something wrong.

    Dark breath is a mix of van hels and invocation of nehek... but without the rerolls of the former or the bubble of the latter.

    Hand of dust could be fun... better in a vampire hands with high WS and I to make sure of the hit, plus potentially some ASF.

    Soul Stealer is a VC banshee scream... which work better in multiples. Nice combo effect if you can get two spells through a carefull enemy magic defense.

    Don't get me wrong.... looks fun with lovely undead popping up all over the place. I think it terms of raw effeciency it would be hard to look past a normal rulebook lore. Unless I'm missing some deadly combinations?

    1. This lore seems to only be scary with Skelepope himself when u can triple the amount... still pretty gimmicky though...

      Thoughts that come to mind:
      Call of the Grave: Cairn Wraiths
      Dark Riders: A couple of Mortis engine bombs late game

  4. I think maybe the problem here is that any wizard can use this lore... Skaven Grey Seers, Ogre Slaughtermasters etc etc... could be open to some nasty combo's, not sure what yet, but I do feel there are some abuses of power waiting to happen.