Monday, August 25, 2014

The Big Cleanup

For the past fifteen years I've had a dedicated Wargaming room in the basement next to the garage. This is where I game and store my stuff - my understanding wife lets me have a painting table upstairs.

Coming back from the ETC I knew I had to do something about the space as it is full with the accummulated shit of 15+ years. There is so much crap in the room plus armies and systems that  I haven't touched for 5-10 years. I decided that a lot of this doesn't need to be readily accessible.

So yesterday the big clean-up started. When Hagen called around for coffee he was roped into helping me transport:

  • 10 metal toolboxes of 15mm DBM armies
  • 9 GW cases containing 40k figures
  • Sabol Army Transport "Division" and "Motor Pool" cases
out of the room and into the void under the house. 

Later in the evening I started on the bookshelves. Into a big storage bin went all the old Warhammer rules and Army Books plus the same for 40k. 

Tonight I start on models. I have boxes of bits, unbuilt models, stuff that needs repairing - and stuff that will just get binned. I went to local supermarket at lunch and picked up boxes of zip-locked bags, reusable plastic containers to bundle the stuff up and store in a 60l plastic bin. 

The upshot of this is freeing up space so that I have cabinets to store armies and terrain more effectively. 

I'll post pictures later in the week of progress. 

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  1. Hey Pete, don't bin any Warhammer or wargaming related stuff! Bring it to the Kapiti Wargames Club's Swop Meet in October ! Your trash is probably someone else's treasure!