Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Let's Just All Stay Calm.........And Panic

The impending release of the Nagash campaign book seems to be causing all sorts of unease across the community, be it here in New Zealand or worldwide.

I've read numerous forums, blogs etc where there is much gnashing of teeth as to what the book means.

"It's the return of Herohammer "

"It's truly the End Times"

"The game just got massively more expensive"

"I'm going to be forced to play against these new uber lists"

"It's the end of tournaments as we know it"

Yes people, it truly is the End Times. You are all going to be forced on a weekly basis to play Nagash End Times games often against your will. Your wallet will be assaulted as you are forced to buy all this new material - rules and models - just to breathe.

Perhaps it's time to get a little perspective.

Your hobby is what YOU make it. If you want to play the new campaign then play the new campaign. If you don't, then don't. Nothing is compulsory. You choose to do what you want.

Life will go on...pretty much as it does now.

Tournament organisers will publish Players Pack that set out the specific considerations for their events and gamers will be able to choose to participate or not. Conscription is not being introduced.

Remember folks, it's a hobby and meant to be fun. It shouldn't be causing anxiety.


  1. Well said, i plan to completely ignore the rules section if the End Times Campaign and juts focus on the lore. This isn't 9th ed WHFB, its an expansion to the existing rules and like all expansions you dont have to play it or even acknowledge its existence.

  2. Screw that Pete,

    At Panzerschrek 2015, all participants will be required to use Nagash.

    Also I have preregistered everyone who attended in 2013/14, if you don't come Adele will send you baking with razorblades in it. If you do come, you will be physically conscripted into the NZ Army.

    The Sky is Falling. Panic!

    1. Great idea Jeff. I think Nagash will work well with Dwarves, from a game and a fluff perspective. Him and Thorgrim Grudgebearer are totally BFFs.

      I might have to proxy the model though, my wife won't let me sell my youngest child and I can't afford it any other way. Will you accept an empty Coke bottle painted black?

  3. Amen!!!! My pet hate at the moment is all the peeps that were spouting "I wish GW would advance the storyline" that are now spouting "You killed off 'insert name here'!? How could you GW!?!" *RAGEQUIT*

    Oh my science! its a game people! to be enjoyed... if its not enjoyable then take a break... just dont haunt blogs/forums that are about the game for years spouting how much u hate the hobby... Gah!... its like these people have made a hobby out of hating GW...

    *end rant*

  4. What else are nerds going to bitch about? It's not like the majority can moan about their girlfriends...

  5. Pete I don't come on here to read sense.. I want end of times predictions.. you are right though I expect it will have little affect on the tournament scene

    1. unless 9th Ed turns into a campaign led edition...

      But yes, the sky is falling!

      Joel v

  6. You have to admire GW internal security. there were no leaks on this at all. Everyone was looking for Brettonians and then this comes out of the black and smacks everyone upside of the head.

    It's done something I thought GW would never do again. It releases rules outside of the core rule book and changes the background by advancing the story line.

    The feedback from GW was that changing the rules which they did in catfight then caused problems because not everyone had the book and understood the new rules.