Monday, August 18, 2014

FOB NZ Rankings - WHFB Updated for CTA

The rankings have been updated to reflect the results of the weekend's CTA WHFB event won by Jeff Kent with Dark Elves. Also impacting is the rolling out of Nerdycon 2013.

Really the big news in these rankings is the performance of Dark Elves. In June I wrote a blogpost on Army Rankings and Dark Elves were in 9th Place. Fast forward two months and the juggernaut has hit the road....Dark Elves are now up to 2nd Place. This represents a major decamp into Dark elves over the past few months whereby they are getting contributions into their overall ranking from a variety of sources. Come the end of the year I'm picking that the Icon won't be residing with a player in 28th Place.

Individually, Jeff enters the Top 10  while McCrae Louden consolidates his place (looking at Army Rankings it appears he is the only Dwarf player with any skill :-)   ).

Switching to Masters Mode, we now see the Masters field starting to coalesce. Anyone from 210 points can pretty much book their accommodation and personally I believe 205 will get you in.

The events still to go are Crack's Call, Tauranga Open, Guardcon and Skitterleap. Crack's Call and Tauranga will likely attract mid-teens, with Guardcon and Skitterleap in mid-20s.


  1. As an aside I think 40k is pretty much set for who has qualified for Masters this year.

    And the Rogue trader Icon breaks down for the 40k, it gets to a error screen.

    1. Thanks for letting me know Christian. Should be fixed now :)

  2. Just regarding NerdyCon - it's going to be run as a biannual tournament. So look forward to epic hobby goodness in 2015 :)