Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Nagash - Sticker Shock?

We've seen the models - and they are beautiful.

However I wonder if there is going to be some serious sticker shock from NZ consumers when they see the price of the models.

Nagash, Supreme Lord of the Undead will cost NZ$175. That's pretty expensive.

But how does it compare to other countries. Below is a list of other GW RRP and in brackets the NZ$ conversion.

UK GBP 65 (NZ128)
EURO 85 (NZ134)
USD 105 (NZ125)
CAD 130 (NZ141)
AUD 150 (NZ166)

So it looks like NZ consumers are getting the highest price - recently that was generally the preserve of our Australian cousins). And this seems to reverse some recent moves to normalise the price.

Perhaps GW has decided that NZ doesn't need the Supreme Lord of the Undead - we are already living in the End Times.


  1. Sticker shock. Good term, Pete. The End times are indeed nigh. I'm about ready to give up on WHFB if this is the shape of things to come for GW customers in NZ.

  2. Just remember this one thing, how many Nagash models are going to be bought by people? Generally one, they have to take it into account. But yes the price is stupid when you compare the prices to other countries.

  3. @Shadowmancer GW has to take that into account but as a consumer why should I care?

    Sticker shock is a very apt term for the first time in what seems like years I was actually excited about a Warhammer release and this has poured cold water all over it...there is just too much other variety I can get fore $175.00

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  5. I no longer play GW but i do like the odd model for other games. This model was exactly what i wanted for my kings of war army but at $175 thats more than i spent on the entire army - hell that's more than i spent on 180 of the new Vitrix Mid republican romans!! They have lots the plot with their pricing even 65 quid is too much for that model!

  6. So at 20% off from element games and NZD 22 postage the price would be about the UK retail price.

  7. I understand the high cost of a one time purchase model - unless we get an unbound Apocalypse formation of Nagashs - it's the addition of currency variation that gets me.

    1. The price is what the price is, but your right in pointing out the currency variation. It makes no sense at all.

  8. I'm with Pete, I can deal with the price, but I resent what feels like an attempt to ripe me off due to currency variations,

  9. Yeah, nah...

    I used Nagash and arkhan extensively backin my university days, it's a pity that GW has lost the plot so much otherwise I'd be into both of those figures...