Friday, August 29, 2014

Bloodbowl for the iPad

Somehow I missed this......arrgh On the 30th June Bloodbowl was released on the iPad.

A few years ago I used to commandeer Tom's xBox to play the game but with his move to Auckland I lost that avenue. I never played the board game version but loved the electronic version.

So last Sunday I was in the iTunes Store and on a whim searched Bloodbowl. And lo and behold there it was. Once downloaded I paid the extra DLC fee for Skaven. And for the past week I've been playing the game. And what fun it remains.

Typically I manage to get in two games in an hour and a half.

Very reasonable cost too....$10 for the game and $3.79 to play additional teams. I bought Skaven meaning for less than $15 I'm a happy Stormvermin.

If you like Bloodbowl or just want a new game.....check it out


  1. Yay :) i do like all these games coming to Ipads.
    I currently have this game on my PC and do love playing it.
    Skaven and Orcs are two of the most fun teams to use.

  2. Actually it was only GBP2.99 for the game.

  3. Argh. You bastard, it's also available through the Playstore, so there's no escaping for our Andoid enabled brethren!

  4. Thanks for the heads up Pete. Purchased the tablet version as a stop gap until the release of Blood Bowl 2 expected Q4 2014.