Thursday, August 14, 2014


Most campaigns I have been in have been about "running an empire". Players expand their territory until they run into opposition either from another player, hostile natives or random event.The key feature of campaigns is that people have one army list for their whole empire, they then divide it to do different missions. How you divide your army affects what units are available to deal with the opposition. So this means your army composition can vary significantly from the standard one off games. That's most of the fun about a campaign game. However in Warhammer campaigns, the campaign doesn't seem to matter and people just get together to fight standard battles.

Questions then
Why are warhammer campaigns different to other campaigns?
Would warhammer players participate in a campaign where they had to manage their units to form armies?
Would a series of smaller battles made up of task forces where they wouldn't be guaranteed to have a Lvl4, general and BSB in every game?

Can you organise an empire? Would you want to try? There's gold in them their hills.


  1. we did a bastardisation of the badlands campaign where everyone pre-made 3 characters as generals, and everyone then gave them back stories and built different armies around them (except hamish, he just played skaven) but you were only allowed one of each character types (as vamps i had one master necromancer, one strighoi goulking and one vampire lord)

  2. I put together a campaign along the lines of what you first describe, though each player has three armies of equal points values. If you're interested in checking it out, you can browse it here:

    It's also downloadable on my blog at

  3. We worked on two campaigns, but didn't end up playing the 'empire building' one. In hindsight it should have been simpler. That was a variation on Mighty Empires and the rules from General's Compendium, which we tried to update for 8th edition;

    War in the Border Princes:

    We did a narrative campaign though which was a lot more fun, and we got to write stories between the battles to show the story development.

    Blod on the Reik:

  4. The one campaign I've been involved in was a little bit like what is described "an excuse to have a big game"...but the campaign around the game was driven by a D&D element. Basically a Town in the Empire (Stone Falls) is being attacked by undead stuff...D&D campaign in the town itself...WHFB to decide the big events etc. Didn't get too far into it due to travel and time etc, but it seemed a good balance between the story arc of a campaign punctuated by big battle (s).

  5. Just downloaded those and I can't wait to try and get one started (love the look of the Lustrian one).

    But here is a question for you guys, I'm like generally the driver behind this things, like the one who is keen for it etc. How do you guys find the best way to keep everyone interested as after a couple of weeks my groups' enthusiasm has a tendency to wan a bit :?...