Thursday, August 14, 2014

GW's 2014/15 Release Schedule

A quiet afternoon trawling (rather than trolling) the net has thrown up the interesting tidbit that GW's release schedule until Summer 2015 is going to be heavily 40k focused. And there is a strong accent on that "heavily". The intention is to have all 40k codicies in hardcover by next June.

It's Grey Knights next followed very quickly by Dark Eldar and CSM (Phil Kelly - and including the cult legions).

Fantasy 9th is not coming out before Summer 2015. That means we will see opportunity for the Brets - Skaven - Beast completion. All books in the same edition.

All this is very good for the current Fantasy game - and makes sense in light of GW financial difficulties.

EDIT: Apparently the next Fantasy release is Nagash campaign book with variety of special characters including reboot of Nagash and Arkhan the Black