Friday, August 29, 2014

Lore of Undeath Cards???

Looks like GW might have missed a trick with the new Nagash release.

When the release was announced I checked with my local GW Hobby Centre to see whether they were getting in the associated magic cards. They were.

I then noticed a few threads on forums indicating that they had sold out immediately they went on pre-order on GW's web store. No problems, the shops are getting them.

Yesterday I dropped in to confirm that the cards would be on sale on Saturday and was told that none had arrived in.  The Manager checked with other NZ Hobby Centres and they had also received no Lore of Undeath cards.


I jumped on the NZ GW web store and yes, they had indeed sold out.

So it appears that GW has seriously underestimated the likely demand for these cards. The cynic might say that it's a ploy to make you buy the campaign book.....but I'll go with error over malice.

If you see the cards snap them up.....and if there is a spare set on offer then please help a brother out.


  1. Saw some going on Ebay for about NZ$75 inc P&P... Gold Cards? (There was more than 10 still available)

  2. maybe its not just the cards,my local gw has - pre orders aside- 1 nagash available for the release day, and 3 copies of the books. wtf?

  3. Got mine. Had to have them put aside though at my local a week ago though - no shelf copies!

  4. Managed to pick up a set thru Gateway Cyber Cafe. Thanks to Blair fromTGC for fixing me up

  5. The cards have dropped from the UK retailers as well.
    What a disaster GW has produced a new supplement and it's selling above expectations. It truly is the apocalypse.