Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Nagash - The End Times

The new Nagash models have been sighted in a copy of Warhammer Visions. These are truly fantastic models and I certainly can see me getting pretty much all of them.

Feast your eyes people.

Looking at them I get a real "Alien vs Predator" feel. There seems a strong Tyranid influence.

Next is Arkhan the Black. Again simply stunning.

I love this next model. Looks like a new unit.

The new Spirit Hosts fit with the Hexwraith, Mortis Engine models released in 2012.

A new Manfred van Karstein

Looks like a Khemri/Lahmian crossover character.

I think these will sell very very well


  1. I like them all except Voltron Mannfred and the new Morghasts unit.

  2. Nagash and Arkhan the Black are absolutely incredible - amazing artistry and miniature design! The rest are all pretty cool but the first two are just bonkers.


  3. There was a link on the clubs FB page that showed the last image to be of Nefarata (I think), so that would be the mother of vampires if my memory serves me... and they don't retcon it

  4. Three words spring to mind: Beautiful, fragile, expensive. I've already mentioned the Alien Brood-mother influence. My pocket shudders in anticipation.

  5. it be Neferata - Queen of the Silver Pinnacle, wayward vampiress of ancient Lahmia!

  6. What are they riding

  7. Looks like there riding nightmares

  8. Wouldnt it be abyssal terrors?