Friday, August 1, 2014

Sunny Days in Serbia & Turkey

On Sunday I leave for ETC 2014 to be held in sunny Novi Sad, Serbia. And sunny it is! My iPhone Weather app tells me the next 5 days range between 29-32 degrees Celsius.

I will try an update the blog during the two weeks away - the key determinant will be the cost of Wifi in the various locales passed through.

I'm hoping John, Charlie and Jack might jump in to post some musings in the interim - when the rat's away, so to speak.

Keep an eye on the wires and check the NZ team's progress. We are aiming for Top Half so 16th and I would be rapt if we could make the Top Dozen.


  1. 18th after 2 rounds... so sitting in good position for that top half finish at present. Spain is up for Game 3 this morning... hope you aren't too hungover there lads!