Tuesday, August 26, 2014

End Times: Four Books - Followed By 9th

The drums are beating that the "End Times" will comprise four books.

The first of these - Nagash - is released this Saturday.

Next cab off the rank is in November when we will see a Chaos-focused book. This fits with the rumours around plastic Greater Daemon kits that have coalesced recently.

For me the interesting one is in January. The third "End Times" book will have a considerable Skaven focus - and quite rightly too. It would be good if this is a major revamp as the current book is starting to show its age and it would be nice to throw away the seven page FAQ. My own hope is that the rats get a little more chaotic in playstyle.

Finally, the fourth book will be in March. Details on this are scant but what word there is says it will pick up the races not covered prior. I'm picking this will be Empire, Brets and possibly Dwarfs (perhaps O&G). I've a sneaking feeling the Elves and Lizards will be largely on the sidelines in this conflict however we may see some internecine warfare

That then leaves the way clear for the Summer 2015 release of 9th Edition.

A lot of this is not dissimilar to what we heard early in 2014 of combined sourcebooks for the Forces of Good and Evil. However the twist is that the concept has been wrapped up in the fluff and its advance.

Exciting times ahead.