Friday, January 16, 2015

Imperial Statue

This week I've been repairing and painting GW Imperial Sector buildings. I am hopeful that I'll have them completed to useable state post the weekend.

By way of variety, I wandered into the local GW on Wednesday and purchased the Honoured Imperium box. This has three terrain pieces; a broken Aquila, the remnants of a window and a statue of a Space Marine. I put them together on Wednesday evening - 10 minutes - and last night sprayed them for painting.

Decided to start with the statue and here's what I came up with. The plinth is still to be finished but I was really happy with the metal and verdi gris effect I was able to achieve. The discolouration was done using a wash I made up a few years ago using a pot of the old Hawk Turquoise as a base but I'm sure GW's new technical paints give the same effect.

I will be finishing the plinth and painting the other two pieces over the weekend.




  1. Nice and effective, the hawk turquoise based mix does look similar to the new oxide.

  2. Whats the colour you used on the statue?

    1. British Paints Gold Spray.....the the GW Base Gold followed by their Drybrush Gold

  3. Currently painting the fallen Aquila