Tuesday, January 13, 2015

New Grey Seer and Warlord Pictures

As foreshadowed a couple weeks ago we have a new plastic Grey Seer.

Nice model - I particularly like the Warpstone eye - in plastic.

We are also getting a Warlord as well.

It's very much inspired by the limited release Spinetail which came out with Island of Blood. However I think he'll be used more as a Chieftain BSB (with Standard of Discipline) in a lot of Skaven lists.

Very much a late Xmas for us rattiphiles.



  1. The Warlord is fantastic. Could also be used as a unit standard bearer if you had no need for another hero model. The Grey Seer is adequate without being a must-have figure. The warpstone eye is an idea lifted from the Warhammer Forge Vermin Lord.

    1. nah - been in the books for longer than that.

  2. The new sear looks good

    I just had a look at the skaven book turns out the warlord wAs there all along I guess we all missed it

  3. I ordered the Warlord, Seer and a box of Stormfiends on the weekend.