Thursday, January 22, 2015

End Times V Rumours Build

The rumours are starting to hit regarding the next (and supposedly final) End Times book. As previous noted it is Chaos (especially Khorne) focussed but we see the Orcs involved.

“Archaon is indeed book five of the End Times, and will be new models coming too.

It will be released sometime in March. Book one has an artist’s rendering of Archaon weilding the Kingslayer on the cover and Book two’s cover is a very nice picture of the current model of Archaon.
The book concentrates on the forces of Khorne, however Orcs and Goblins finally make their appearance in End Times and Grimgor is featured heavily in this book (with rules).

All eight of the Incarnates are revealed, including some BIG surprises on a Shakespearean level.

I talked about the blood thirster recently, but there are more units coming too. Khorne will also be getting Skullreapers, and Wrathmongers.

The Skullreapers are infantry with tall doublehanded halbreds, and the Wrathmongers resemble miniature humanoid versions of the Lord of Skulls, but with leather armour.”

I'm not too sure on the two new Khornate units - like a lot of Khorne they seem a bit naff. hopefully we still get the rumoured Dragon and Bloodthirster kits.


  1. Spoiler...
    Grimgor Ironhide smacks Archaon around and saves the world just like the last (retconed) time.

    1. Actually I think the opposite - Achaon slices him a new one and O&G get "dwarfed"

    2. I can't imagine a world without Orcs!

    3. You mean you think GW might change their fluff from the last 37 times Chaos has invaded? Heresy!

    4. I suspect the Orcs will do a lot of damage to someone/everyone, but I think this world is done and dusted. Even if the Orcs or Ogres or human/dwarf /elf remnants manage to beat Archeon and co, there's still the Skaven and their various deus ex machina to deal with. And then there's Nagash, who wants to kill everything.

      At current count, two continents have sunk, with another two (Naggaroth and whatever Africa is called) inundated by Chaos, Undead and warpstone tsunami.

      So I think Pete is most likely right. Grimgor get's the smackdown from Archeon, to make up for the abysmal end to the Storm of Chaos. I suspect Chaos will win, or be about to win, but then something will break the world up into these bubbles we hear so much about.

      This is all wild speculation of course, but I can't see how else things can continue with the world in the shape it's in. There's too much damage, not just to armies and realms, but to the actual world and continents themselves.

      When the Titanic has hit the iceberg, all that's left is to run to the lifeboats.

      Chaos wins, 38th time is the charm.

    5. So you reckon there's still hope for Abaddon?

      He's only 0-13!!!!

    6. There's always hope, even for a cartoon villain like Abaddon. He just needs some plot-weapon love from GW's crack team of weapons-grade fiction writers.

    7. The bitterness that oozes from your burns, it burns

    8. Yeah, I really should play Dark Elves.

    9. What are these DARK Elves you speak of? There are only Elves

  2. Well if they dont get new models I think both Archaon and Grimgor will snuff it........they will phase out all the finecast you watch.....:)