Sunday, January 18, 2015

Mierce Miniatures Banebeasts Kickstarter

Mierce Miniatures have just launched a new Kickstarter. Whereas the previous five have been aimed at their Darklands game this one takes a different tack. Here they are taking monsters developed for that game and converting them for a Fantasy setting.

The first four announced - and it looks like three are sculpted already - are:

  • Orc Warboss on Wyvern
    • Greater Daemon/Daemon Princess of Slaanesh
    • Bloodthirster
    • Shaggoth

      Here is the concept art and sculpts:

    Mierce have a good reputation for delivering on time for their Kickstarters. I have previously backed two and have had no problem with eith quality or delivery.

    This time I'm in for the Wyvern. And we'll see what others they produce as stretch goals are unlocked.




    1. So... an Orc boss on a wyvern, a Keeper of Secrets, a Bloodthirster and a Dragon Ogre Shaggoth. Top marks for originality. Are these the guys who used to run Maelstrom Games?

    2. That war daemon looks very familiar... has someone else released that mini already??

    3. The orginal ideas were from the Darklands range as noted to the side of each concept

    4. The project has been funded and alternative riders for the Wyvern have been unlocked - Great Weapon and Shaman.

      Very close to the Slaanesh Daemon being unlocked and a DE Black Dragon has now been listed.