Saturday, January 10, 2015

Ratty Astartes

Pic of the new armoured Rat Ogres

In the background you can see the new the ratling gun arm of one of the ogres.

Why am I thinking "Centurions"?


  1. I like the look and feel of them. Very moulder and skyre working together!

  2. The look like rat ogre terminators. A nice idea, Skyre and Moulder working together that would dangerously unbalance the council of thirteen. A corporate reshuffle might be in order.

    See who gets to be vice president in charge of the privies.

  3. In the grim future there is only war and cheese

  4. More info and pics on Fieat.

    Apparently they are 42.5 Skaven slave of points each. In units of three and can take a mixed range of weapons like man eaters... Except the rats get machine guns (and two pages of options)

    Biggest barrier to taking them: they're Rare slot.

    So they compete with HPA, WLC And Doomwheel :(

    Meinwhile specials only good choice is gutter runners.

    Question: Given these (and 4/5 vermin lords) arnt special characters can we take them in the Team Champs? They Arnt just End times only and are just a supplementary army choice, right? ... Much like the Hoverring Harbringer Skellies in the Nagash end times book. thoughts?


  5. I'm not a fan.
    -The armour is far TOO well made to be "Skaveny". (The armour actually joins up and looks well-made?)
    - The warpstone nipples are just too silly for words (of course you can simply remove them but still...)

    The new Verminlord is an impressive model, but I think that Skaven should really be about lots of weaker, smaller bodies, not smaller troops of very large and powerful giants.

    However, I AM looking forward to checking out the rules and all the options

  6. Is this 40k Skaven or Fantasy because it doesnt look like the latter

  7. Calling it now - the Skaven found a long lost and buried STC template.

    Also, Sigmar is/was a space marine primarch. Super cross-over plot twist extreme!