Sunday, January 4, 2015

New Grey Seer Model Spotted

The new Grey Seer model has been spotted in the GW video announcing End Times: Thanquol.

Looks like it is a multipart plastic kit. Okay without being startling.

I'll hold final judgement though until I see the new model in the "flesh". Certainly intend getting one!

Also the poster for End Times IV is out:

Kingdoms Fall? I'm hoping this means that we see a Dwarf exodus into the Empire lands.

Finally Thanquol's fine schemes come together!



  1. Apparently the model is Thanquul himself. Can be mounted on foot or on Boneripper

    1. If it is Thanquol then I'm really disappointed. One of his "defining" features was decayed snout from sniffing too much warpstone.

      I'd hoped that GW would capture that. Unless it is a prosthetic nose!

  2. Every rumour I've read suggests that Thanquol and bone ripper are a single kit and there will be a separate and distinct greys seer clam pack too.

    The storm fiend pics look (blurry) interesting.


  3. Found confirmation has just arrive that the Grey Seer pictured is not Thanquol.
    Please enjoy the following posted on DakkaDakka:

    Four Arms? Flamers? And apparently a secondary setup more CC orientated.