Monday, January 5, 2015

Selling Odds and Ends

During my time back in NZ I found a couple of things packed away that I no longer need, and thought I would post them up here before going to TradeMe.

First is a standard GW case with 3 layers of foam and a topper. Looking for $60, retail is $113 these days

I also have an airbrush compressor with tank that I used only a handful of times before leaving. You can get these on TradeMe for about $160-70 at the cheapest, I'm after $120.

The model is the AS186, more details here. It was the cheapest compressor with a tank (a must for airbrushing) I could find in NZ

If you're keen or have any questions let me know. They're both currently in Auckland but we can sort out shipping too if needed.


  1. I could use the case, Jack.

  2. I could take the compressor off your hands. Email me, which Pete will have.