Tuesday, January 13, 2015

NZ Teams Championship Update

The NZTC is just over six weeks away!

Currently there are 14 teams signed up – so a couple less than last year.

Lists are due in mid-February so hopefully you are now all starting to think about what you are looking to bring. I know Umpire Tim Joss is super excited about marking 56 lists so if you can help him by getting them in early he’ll appreciate it.

I will send out the list template to Team Captains in the next week.

Just a reminder on Composition. It is FOB Lite Comp (see banner above) but with the following additional restrictions:

  • No Special/Named Characters can be used
  • No more than three of the same Character choice e.g. 0-3 Skaven Engineers, DE Masters etc
  • No End Times Lists, Units or rules
Note: The recent GW FAQ up to 50% Lords and up to 50% Heroes while be in place.

Instead of using the ETC maps – which are currently the subject of much debate – the Umpire will set up tables as he sees fit. Mysterious Woods and Marshes will be used.


  1. I'll supply the mysterious terrain cards as usual.

    Do you want terrain as per last year?