Monday, January 26, 2015


The Sheffield Slaughter was held over the weekend and attracted a field of over 100 players. What was interesting was that this was the first of the big events to use End Times lists.

The results were not totally unexpected. Here's the Top 10:

1. Host of the Eternity King
2. Host of the Eternity King
3. Host of the Eternity King
4. Host of the Eternity King
5. Empire
6. Host of the Eternity King
7. Dark Elves
8. Legions of Chaos
9. Undead Legion
10. Legion of Chaos

So, the End Times books do feature quite heavily in the Top 10.

A breakdown of the Top 20 showed:
  • 5 Malekiths
  • 2 Imriks
  • 1 KFA
  • 1 Alarielle
  • 3 Kairos + Lords
  • 3 Triple Lord Legions of Chaos
  • 1 Vampire Counts with 2 Blender Lords
  • Teclis
  • Morathi
There is a certain amount of griping going on on Twitter at the moment but I'm not sure why. Giving people to bring the best bits of 2-3 lists and some super-steroid characters was always likely to result in this. Nobody should be surprised.


  1. Open up ye filth, and ye filth will arrive...
    Will be interesting to see an event that allows end of times lists, but no special characters

    1. agree with you. Question though.

      Do the new units really count as "end times"? They featured in the White dwarf too. So arnt BlightKings, Morghasts, storm fiends and vermin lords, not a natural option open to any chaos army?

      None of the units seem to be OP, we could use some fresh choices.

      I propose the permissive FOB lite should be updated to include them.


    2. ...says the Skaven player eyeing up the new Storm Fiend rules :P

      Joel v

  2. II went to this event and thought it might be a fun idea to embrace the ET rules and characters and to be fair I loathed it. Malekith, though good, is incredibly rock, paper, scissors where you can either counter him or die. I faced 3 armies that could which I lost and 3 which couldn't so they lost. This was NOT Warhammer.

    I've been attending tournaments for 14 years now and this was the worst comp pack I've played in imho. The games were NOT that tactical with hero hammer extreme it was just 'move big hitter, try and counter, if still alive win game if dead lost!'

    I applaud Chris Legg running this event with ET which was tough with all the quick changes and new units but I don't think ET is for me.

    Going forward I just hope that some level of calm comes back into the scene and many of these OTT character and some units (storm fiends 3d6 shots I'm looking at you) are banned by at least a few events.


    1. Thanks for taking the time to comment Sedge. It's always nice to get the perspective of someone who was there.

      My guess is that TOs will need to be careful that this doesn't develop into another End of 7th Ed Times where uncomped Warhammer - as best evidenced by the GW UKGTs - saw the top tables dominated by a limited number of lists (DoC, DE and VC) and standard net builds e.g. Bloodthirster, Masque, siren Song etc

      I don't thing any but a few look back on those as halcyon days. There is a risk that the balance we had seen in 8th is being tested here.

  3. Unexpected but ouch. Theoretically a small hard cap comp addition would make ET tournament workable but where to draw the line differs depending on who you ask..... The perennial comp issue.