Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Thanquol - A Warhammer World Super Hero!!!!!

At the moment I’m like a Vermin Lord with two tails…..I can’t wait for the Thanquol book to be out.
I’m hoping that the fluff will see the launching of the Skaven masterplan and we’ll see the southern part of the Empire (especially Nuln and The Moot [I hate hobbits]) as well as the Dwarf holds swallowed up.
For those purveyors of Skaven fluff, you will know that Thanquol is a genius who comes up with incredibly intricate, well researched and thought out plans but he’s been incredibly unlucky/let down by incompetent minions.
Thanquol hates dwarfs (especially Slayers) and the Empire (especially poets). However, this resourceful rat planned the invasion of Nuln and was only just unsuccessful as well as being the owner of the Warhammer World’s only submarine.
I’m expecting big things from him in the End Times. Assisted by the fifth (or is it the seventh) incarnation of Boneripper, this could well be his time where he lays the world to waste (perhaps even smiting that uppity goblin Skarsnik (metal model) in the process).
With Skaven technology and superior brainpower, what can go wrong?


  1. I have often thought that Thanquol, the Skaven superhero, was a much maligned champion. A tragic protagonist for all of Verminkind. Bursting bubbles of reality along with new rules will surely elevate his success rat(e) higher than ever.

  2. The latest Skaven photo ive seen is interesting. It has a screaming bell model and Plague furnace model in the background of his new mini. WHats interesting is that both of them are on large round 40k style bases.

    1. And now not,,,,,,

      So plot thickens