Monday, January 26, 2015

Weekend Hobby Update

Spent Friday evening finishing the last buildings for the Imperial Sector. I then took some pics and posted them (previous post). Apart from some scatter terrain I'm happy that's near complete.

Saturday morning I ultra sounded and then cleaned my brushes with brush soap. That brought them back to near new ready for me to abuse for another month.

Last weekend I had received some painted Wild Riders so I based these, meaning I now have 22 of the spiky little things. Looking at the Woodies I have two Sisters to finish and I may paint up some GG scouts. There is also a WarGamma Treeman but then I'm pretty much got all my WE finished.

Plans for next weekend are to start re-painting a Gameboard ROB so that I can have a 14' x 4' table for some bigger games I have planned.

As always I'll try to get photos and a tutorial.