Sunday, January 11, 2015

Stormfiends White Dwarf Cover

So next week it is the Armoured Rat Ogres "Stormfiends" as promised.

They look great models now I've seen them all - but jeez there is a Centurion feel.

Thanks to Alan, we know they are Rare so compete with WLC, Doomwheels and HPAs. They are 85 points each and need to be taken in units of three. So 600 points means only 355 points left - so you can fit in two WLC and a Doomwheel or WLC and HPA.



  1. Using this to collect info from Warseer sources:

    Note that Dwarves get a powered up Ungrim Slayer King who has become the Avatar for the Wind of Fire. He's got a few extra bits and pieces (+1S, +1W, +1A, Flaming Attacks, Breth Weapon, Bound Fireball, and looses :slayer king rule"

    6 ballescrolls:

    1. SkavenThanquol's uprising: Thanquol & boneripper, Verminking, clanrats, stormfiends, gutter runners and giant rats, and a unit made of warlock engineers, only one of which can be upgraded to wizard or take magic items. Units in the formation close to Thanquol are unbreakable, and the warlock unit has some advantages when casting Warp Lighting.

    2. Clawpack of Mors: Queek, Stormvermins, 2 units of clanrats, jezzails and globadiers. Units in the formation close to Queek reroll charges, and once per battle shooting units may shoot twice.

    3. Dwarf Throng: Thorgrim, Ungrim Incarnate of fire, Bugman, Hammerers, Rangers, Irondrakes and 3 units of slayers. Slayers reroll to hit with deathblow attacks, and can reroll 1s to wound and armor saves with core units in the whole army.

    4. Red Host: Tehenhauin, Skink Chief, Skink Cohort, Salamanders, Chameleons, 2 Bastiladons, Riperdactyls. Hatred (Skavens), arcs on bastiladons deal 3D6 instead of 2D6, the skink and the skink cohort have +1WS

    5. Defenders of Middenheim: Valten, Battle Wizard Lord, Grand Master, Knigtly order, Halberdiers with 2 crossbowmen units as detachments, free company, swordsmen. The wizard knows a new spell, valten and units close to him are unbreakable, and as long as he is alive everyone in the empire list is stubborn."


    Assumed statline (BS/S/T/W Confirmed): 33544435 6+

    "3 of them are for close combat, 3 of them are ranged. And all of them have a load of special rules. In addition, all of them reroll to wound, and the close combat ones give the rat using it a 4+ armor save instead of the normal 6+ they have. BTW, that save works in a funny way: basically, the 4+ guys are attacked first always.

    Doom-Flayer Gauntlets: +2 S, impact hits (D3)
    Windlaunchers: short range (6"-24") slow to fire stonethrower that launches poisoned vapours (4+ to wound, no armor saves).
    Grinderfists: Gives the unit a special deployment method, which can even mean the unit starts in close combat with an enemy unit. It swaps the rat attacks for 1D3 automatic hits at S5.
    Shock Gauntlets: +1S, ignore armour, stomps deal D3 hits instead of 1
    Ratling cannons: ranged, 18", 3D6 shots that ignore most penalties at S5 AP.
    Warpfire Projectors (Boneripper can have 2 of these, too): Move-or-fire Fire Throwers at S5 and D3 wounds.

    All the ranged weapons have a negative effect against your own troops if you miss somehow, but they never hurt the unit of Stormfiends."

    Not Frenzied

    They reroll they failed wound rolls in CC, even the impact hits.

    Skirmishers but "don't get the mobility bonus" - maybe that means no march and shoot.

    Cant find the bit about 3+ for a unit maybe I got confused with the number in the box


  2. Corrections:

    Storm fiends are "like a rat ogre champion" so that's WS4 I5 A4

    I meant 5 Battle-scrolls.

    Ungrim's Breath weapon is S4 and his fireball seems to be 2d6.

    Note all these rumors are from Shadeseraph on warseer, who claims to have the electronic book early though a source.


  3. The thing that is causing a frenzy over on YouTube is that there are pictures of the bell and furnace on round bases. this has got people having a tantrum about having to rebase their models.

  4. Yeah but that could be explained as show pieces... Neither had a unit formed up around them.

    I'll only become worried when I see rank and file moving to circles. The thought of rebasing All my clanrats and Skaves makes me sob.

    Also circle bases would have dire consequences for arcs / flanks and therefore a major tactical component of WFB. I doubt they'd do it for 9th.


  5. I was really hoping the Skaven dice would get rereleased along with the End Times stuff. Oh well.

  6. Hey that on on the left has three... ratling guns. I'll show myself out.

  7. Skaven dice were released with the end times skaven books on Saturday now the dice and hard back books are OOS

    They would look more like centurions if they had an engineer in a backpack controlling the rat ogre by sticking the warp condenser prongs in its ear.

    1. I managed to get Skaven dice because you can never have enough Skaven dice

  8. Or you could have 6 and a WLC for 600 points of rare! I'll be trying it out, but only because it will be something different from the usual skaven auto include rare choice which feels stagnant