Monday, January 5, 2015

Happy 2015 to Everybody

Belated Happy New Year to you all.

I've had a twelve day break from work and have recharged the batteries. As you will see from yesterday's post, my time off has been utilised wisely with my Tablescapes Urban Streets board 95% complete. I need to apply rust effects to some of the metal and use some water effects to represents cracked sewers etc. Hoping to get that finished by the weekend.

Also managed to build a box of Blightkings while done in Nelson and Jack built my Maggoth Lord model. We've managed to magnetise it so that all three riders are possible.

Looking forward to 2015 being a big hobby year for me. I started rationalising - read selling off - my excess stuff prior to Xmas. So out the door went an Ultraforge Dragon, Realm of Battle Gameboard and Fortress of Redemption. I am looking to shift some more 40k terrain in the next couple of months to free up space for hobby projects I'm looking to complete.

Keen to see what Thanquol brings model wise - although I'll probably pass on the Vermin Lord as I think the FW model is a better sculpt. Army wise, I'm looking to do some rebasing of an Orc & Goblin army I bought a couple of years ago to bring it into line with the existing Night Goblin army that haunts downstairs. I want to finish the last of the Wood Elves and then start on Empire units I have - Sisters of Sigmar, Great Swords, Demis, Luminarch, Hurricanium and Steam Tank. Also keen to continue to work on Nurgle Chaos. I've also got some High Elves and Beastmen I'd like to get painted.

30k wise, I have a Death Guard Land Speeder, Mortarion and Typhus to finish plus the start of my Emperor's Children.

So that's an awful lot still to do.

Hopefully you've all made your resolutions and are going to be hitting the ground running.

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