Monday, April 20, 2015

Call to Arms in August

The next local event here in Wellington (as far as I'm aware) is Call to Arms in August.

This is the annual convention of the Wellington Warlords and is being held at St. Pat's, Kilbirnie. Generally it is a multi-system convention and I expect that in addition to the two Games Workshop games there will also be Historicals (Ancients, Flames of War, Napoleonics). Hopefully this year we will see some of the newer games such as Malifaux, X-Wing, Bolt Action etc - either as competitions or demo games.

It would also be great if the Warmachine competition returned. Apparently last year there was a falling out over prize support that saw the Warmahordes guys not attend. Hopefully the Warlords and local Warmachine players can settle any differences as it is a shame not to be able to see all the different games on offer.


  1. Such a great venue and event. Loved heading back home a few years ago to attend for 40k with Glen. May just have to start planning another visit one of these years soon.

    Pete, if you have any interest I've started a gaming blog myself for our local Western Sydney group.

  2. Hi Pete, Periods I can confirm for Call to Arms this year are:- Warhammer 40K, Warhammer Fantasy, Flames of War, DBMM, DBA, FoG, and Malifaux all with umpires. I'm confident we will have LOTR/ Hobbit, X-wing as competitions or demo games. I too would like to see the Warmachine community there and we are working on it. Infinity is another code we are investigating. We are hoping to confirm other demo games and have some WW2 naval gaming in the demonstration category. Cheers, Carson

  3. Damn, was contemplating a potential Bolt Action trip.


  4. An X-Wing competition seems to be a definite goer from discussions on Facebook although whether its 1 or 2 days hasn't been sorted yet. Either way I'll be giving it a go this year.

    And I agree CTA is a fantastic event at a great venue - fire alarms not withstanding