Saturday, April 11, 2015

Latest WHFB Rumours

Lots of rumours are starting to come in now for WHFB 9th and they make some interesting reading. Here is a compilation of some of the more recent ones:

New rumor from Warseer
I heard that the game (skirmish) 9 edition light (or whatever) is “The End Times’ call, and participating in them. It will focus around the stories told in the 5 books and especially in represent your hero / s and a small band, fighting bravely in the middle of a huge conflict, embedded in a much larger battle around them. That is why a lot of random things can happen during the game, including fireballs unscrupulous, meteors, guns, and so on knocking on random units. The list of random events changes with the factions. Therefore, if your band is formed by dwarves, elves and chaos is right now in the battlefield, first what faction query tables (random) is determined and then what happens exactly.

Bonham on Warseer:
New kids info. Maybe I’m misunderstanding the situation, but I think 9th edition will have 2 ways to play WH. The game will arrive this month in skirmish way I think, and rules for massive battles will come this summer. But perhaps you’re misinterpreting and skirmish game is a completely different game, 2 sets of startup based in fantasy after the world ends seems strange to me.

One of my sources said the game was coming in May is another game (skirmish wh) and the 9th edition will not arrive until summer.

The hosts are grouped into factions yes, but have their differences within and can make an army of dwarves (who will be next to the Empire). Bretonnia will also be connected to the new Empire. With Mousillon and the undead of Sylvania’s something wrong because some are loyal to the Empire.

Units range in square bases and characters, war machines or thumbnails to be added to units will go on round bases.
Powerful characters with dataslates with their armies. Simple magic. Points per unit not mini. Many minis with 2 or 3 wounds.
The background:
Tyrion, Alarielle and Malekith are alive or something. Settra, Nagash, Guilles, Aborash, Glott bros and living Belakor. And Archaon is the new good guy

Big Man
Sigmar (apparently) is empty at the end of Archaon … says he took the orb and a miracle took shape …He is the embodiment of Azyr – linked to precognition and luck …Teclis / Alarielle mentioned near the end that Lileath missed an opportunity to unite the previous incarnated to help save the world …
The skirmish game is 5 minutes to midnight ….
What if Sigmar recreates the situation just before the end of the world … to give another chance …?
That’s where the players will intervene again to fight in the final moments, giving another chance to save the world …
That would give you a bridge to the new edition … can use your armies to fight again the final battles, which are smaller scale fights through the streets of the city … with some new rules …
Then fast for a mass battle game in summer, where the world has not been saved, regardless of their efforts
From this is seems the smart money is coalescing into two games. A starter box intro game - skirmish level and the more traditional massed army battle game we are used to.

The key question is the setting for the massed battle game - pre or post End Times - and the participants involved.

My gut feel is that they will reduce the armies into the factions BUT you will have supplementary books/dataslates that allow you to build standalone "existing" armies.

Going to be interesting


  1. "Tyrion, Alarielle and Malekith are alive or something. "

    Well that gives us a good insight into what to expect.


  2. My head hurts, I wish they'd just publish the damn thing and be done with it.

    Even if I don't like the new ruleset, at least we won't be in this godawful limbo.