Saturday, April 4, 2015

Adepticon - Final Thoughts

I really enjoyed Adepticon this year. It was a different experience because both my wife, Lynne and Jack were there for the event.

The venue was switched to a new hotel this year and this had some positives and some negatives. First, the positives:

  • More room. The venue was bigger and more spacious.
  • Lobbies. Lots of sitting down areas.
  • Starbucks on site - so at least a chance to get espresso.
  • Food in the bar was good and good value. We ate there four times during the week.
  • Close to big shopping mall - great for Lynne.

As for the negatives there were a few:

  • We were on 5th floor so could hear lobby noise until early hours
  • Lack of eating alternatives close by when no car and it's -2 degrees
  • Only artificial light in gaming halls - I missed the daylight of the Westin

This year I had learnt from 2014. I only signed up for the 1000 point Teams and How You Use It. There were a couple of reasons for this. Firstly, I couldn't be arsed travelling 26 hours for unfettered End Times but secondly, and more importantly, I wanted to enjoy the full convention experience and that meant committing two days to the Championships wasn't feasible.


Interesting the Championships numbers were heavily down from last year. They offered 200 tickets, sold 124 and 84 people finished the event. Pretty sure that the uncertainty around WHFB with ET and 9th Rumours had a lot to do with that. Certainly there were a lot of Elf Allsorts armies with Malekith, Imrik etc. Failing that KFC, Nagash or Legion of Skullcannon armies. It put me off and I suspect a lot of others were put off too.

Jack and I signed up for seven courses and this really was where there was great value for me. I learnt how to paint skin, lots of weathering techniques, how to airbrush and some terrain making techniques. These were all things that in NZ we never get the chance to do. For where I'm at this type of positive hands-on instruction was great.

As always the vendor hall was great. I caught up with John Matthews and had a good chat at the Battlefront stall. Thought that the Forgeworld set up was better though not sure if they were doing as much business. I picked up stuff from Secret Weapon, Forgeworld and Badger - so I was a happy boy!

The final comment I'd like to make is just how friendly the people are. If you are an outsider it is very easy to strike up a conversation and meet new gamers.

If you get an opportunity, jump at it!

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