Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Adepticon Hobby Seminars

The highlight for me at this year's Adepticon was attending a series of Hobby Seminars over the four days of the event. Myself, Jack and mike king loaded up on them and I must say that they were great.

The seven I attended were on the following topics:
  • Painting Skin & Flesh
  • Basic Weathering
  • Using Weathering Powders
  • Airbrushing 101
  • Painting Miniatures with Airbrush
  • Painting Metals
  • Terrain Building
Each of the seminars was two hours and had a class size of between 8-16.

Three were run by Mr. Justin from Secret Weapon Miniatures but rather than just an avenue to push his product he went through techniques highlighting good products (be they his own or competitors). Another was done by ex-WD Editor Dave Taylor where he covered techniques for painting metals. Like most of the seminars, this was very hands-on and by "doing it" you could see real progress over the 2 hour period.

The opportunity to learn new techniques, shortcuts and tricks was really worth the entry cost which was typically $15-20. I learned an enormous amount which I hope I'll be able to put into practice over the next few months.

As I said, a real highlight.

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