Wednesday, April 8, 2015

FOB NZ Rankings - Updated for NatCon.

The FOB rankings for WHFB and FoW have been updated for Easter's Natcon. Thanks to Sofia Chambers and Phil Comins for sending the results through. I am still waiting for 40k and will put them in as soon as they are received.

In Fantasy the main action has been in the Best Army icons which have seen a number change hands.
  • Kelly Gragg has added the Warriors of Chaos to his Beastmen icon
  • Tim Joss has picked up the Best Dark Elf icon
  • McCrae Louden now holds both the Dwarf and Chaos Dwarf icons
  • Phil Comins has garnered the Best Daemons of Chaos icon
The next event that I have on the calendar for WHFB is Panzershreck in July. The event is limited to 24 participants and my understanding is that it is getting close to capacity.

Both Natcon 2014 and Runefang will roll off in the next couple of weeks which will shake things up some more.

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