Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Has The Heresy Ground To A Halt?

The Black Library and Forgeworld have been the two main drivers of the Horus Heresy over the past five years.

We have got 30+ novels and some fantastic models (I'm just about to start painting Emperor's Children allies for my Death Guard) but lately it appears to have stalled.

Certainly the output from Forgeworld is now a lot less than say two years ago. That may be because they have produced the backbones of the range. Certainly the Chaos Legions are the poster boys for the Heresy and they have largely been done - Iron Warriors/Thousand Sons notwithstanding. I'm sure there is not as much interest in the deluded "Loyalist" legions but even I thought there might be enough interest to sell one or two sets of Space Vikings or Vampires. Obviously the stunning sales of such exciting legions as Imperial Fists have caused FW to stagger the rollout of other winners like Ultramarines.

This slowing seems to have been matched in Black Library's output. It's been some time since we've had new full length novels. The most recent "Damnation of Pythos" was dreadful and the proceeding one about Imperial Knight houses was not much better. The story, like the advance seems to have stagnated.

Both FW and BL have fallen off the horse. Hopefully they will get back on it soon.


  1. Yeah it's pretty dissapointing, I chewed through all 30 of the novels in the space of about 8 months and loved them. Realistically Vengeful Spirit (which I enjoyed) was the last one to move the story along and that came out in May last year....

    I'm probably not going to spring for models based of the HH book, but I reliably buy the e-books.

  2. There's a few more audiobooks being produced - can't say I'm a huge fan of them because of the accents used - I expect to see some more out soon.

    I think the problem is that you've got their top writers (like ADB) doing post-heresy stuff (like Abbadon Strikes Back) which will always impact production as new writers need to be brought up to speed.

    Has CS Goto written any HH??

  3. Considering that Forge World has just released a video for the next Heresy book and It looks like they are releasing a Warlord Titan

  4. I think yo spoke too soon Pete. Warlord Titan + book 5 incoming...

  5. Yeah I know that Book 5 is coming out but to me it feels like they have lost interest. After the istvaan series a lot of it feels dialled in by FW.

    And BL = Black Hole at moment.

    Perhaps in 10 years when they finally get to Terra it will generate some interest.

    It's a lot like Adeptus Mechanicum. They would have been 2005. Over the past decade GW has largely killed the fluff thru their Allsorts cod exes. Jmo.

    1. True, however I hold on to hope that BL and FW will start to fill in the years between the major battles of Istvaan/Calth/Terra with some new major conflicts

  6. I'd have to agree the newest books haven't really done it for me and I've found myself re-reading the older ones - First Heretic, Betrayer & Know no Fear are still the best HH novels IMO.

    Also been getting into the other 40k fiction although I have a strong bias towards Aaron Dembski-Bowden's work (his Night Lords Trilogy is amazing even the 5th/6th time over) and the Word Bearers trilogy wasn't that bad.

    1. Totally John, ADB is excellent, particularly his Night Lords stuff e.g. Prince of Crows

      As far as latest novels go, Vengeful Spirit I thought was quite good.

    2. Hagen,

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