Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Weekend Hobby Update

In New Zealand we've had a long weekend and I've had a great three days of hobby.

On Saturday I managed a 3.5 hour session with the airbrush followed by another two hours on Sunday. I managed to learn an awful lot - doing really is learning. The first thing I started on was some Citadel Trees and have got them finished. I then painted Kairos Fateweaver (base coats with airbrush) and finally started on a Khorne Herald.

Finished Kairos off with a brush, based him and he is sitting ready for photos - I'll look to get them up tonight.

The Badger Minitaire paints are great. No mixing required so you use them straight from bottle (but remember to give them a good shake first). I tried 15-20 colours over the course of the sessions so I could get used to colour changes and cleaning. Can't wait for my paint rack to arrive rather than trying to find them in a box.

Really enthused for hobby with new spacious setup and new toys.

Also managed to pick up 25 painted metal White Lions for $50.

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