Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Panzershreck WHFB Full

Well done to the Manawatu Duellists on filling up the 24 spots for Panzershreck Fantasy three months out from the event.

They are now operating a reserve list so there may still be an opportunity to sign up if more space becomes available or there are drop outs. There is a thread on that you can follow.

Spaces are also filling up for Wrath & Ruin II in June. Thirteen of the 20 available spots have gone so get in quick. Again there is a thread on WargamerNZ

Hopefully this is a harbinger for tournament attendance going forward.


  1. If only more event organizers would follow the format of Player packs out 2-3 months before an event and cumulative list of players. Too much to ask I know.

  2. Yeah really happy with the take up. Not only are we full but we now have 3 on the reserve list. I'll be trying to find more room at the venue and putting out another update soon.