Sunday, April 19, 2015

My New Hobby Set-Up

While I was away at Adepticon - and partly inspired by seeing Jack's desk - I decided to "refurbish" my hobby area.

This involved some negotiation as Lynne had part of the area I coveted as a dumping ground for her work material. I gave up my desk in the lounge and Lynne has happily moved her stuff in there, freeing up some space.

I now have a galley area about 10 foot by 4 foot that I can utilise. To this end I have dumped my old wooden desk and roller top cabinet and picked up two glass desks off Trade Me (NZ's local eBay equivalent). The best thing is I'm currently $60 to the good doing this. Still after a third one but isn't the interim using an old wooden desk for airbrush set up.

So here's what I've now got.

The area on the left is for assembly, cutting and other non-painting hobby. The central part is where I do my painting and on the right is my airbrushing set up. One of the best things is the lighting. There are three ceiling lights above and my two lamps can be swung to where they are needed.

There is so much more room than I am used to. This means I can have my ultrasound cleaner, Dremel and paint shaker all in easy reach. The organisers on the left have my tools while those in the centre are painting focussed.

I have some exhaust hose on order so my spray booth will vent out the back door.

This is the type of setup I have been looking for and hopefully it will see my hobby hours getting more productive. The ability to switch task within the area should mean that the setup and take down time is avoided.

And I have a happy wife because now everything is in one area and I'm not turning the kitchen bench into a de facto hobby area.