Sunday, April 19, 2015

FOB Army Rankings

Well three months have rolled around again and here is the latest update of the Army Rankings. As always these are drawn from the three jurisdictions that use the FOB system - UK, Australia and New Zealand.

I've gone through the methodology in the past so you can go back and check those posts rather than me go through it again.

Two key trends are present across all three countries - the retreat of Warriors of Chaos and the rise of Wood Elves. The first of these surprises me a bit because I thought WoC would be a significant beneficiary of the relaxing of character restrictions. Perhaps we are seeing a couple of things - the lack of a super character in ET context and some siphoning into Legion of Chaos. However you'd expect to see similar in Wood Elves and that's not the case. I think it is just a confirmation of how good Trueflight Arrows are and how good Wild Riders are for their points.

The other key point is the entry of Elven Legions into the UK list. It reinforces the Elfpocalypse blighting the Warhammer World. "Save us Everchosen, you're our only hope!"

The combined rankings reinforces this trend:

Six months ago Wood Elves had a combined score of 6/30. Now it is 21. In the same time WoC have fallen from 24 or 25 to their current 18. The Elfpocalypse is in full advance.

The Daemons have maintained their ranking and I think this reinforces how good a counter they are to elves.

Interestingly, we now have a definite two tier game. The top seven armies are head and shoulders above the rest in terms of results. We have only seen one army force its way into the top tier in the past year and that is the Wood Elves.


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