Tuesday, April 21, 2015

My Current Games Workshop Purchase List

Pot of Screaming Skull paint.
Pot of Reikland Flesh wash.

That is all


  1. I thought you'd be buying back into your Ulthwe army as GW has gone back to their roots by releasing Codex: Craftworlds (AKA D weapons)

    1. Nope....haven't read the codex but the more important things to me are 1) Seer Council, 2) Black Guardians.

      Actual 40k rules have no real interest to me except as a base to allow 30k games

  2. Mine consists of... OOP Citadel Red Ink, and a few varying OOP miniatures with the odd few bitz here n there to complete a few conversions.

    Forseeable in the next 12 months is... a 9th Ed rulebook.

    Guess I'm not a collector ;)