Thursday, April 30, 2015

HomeCon V Upcoming

I'm running a HomeCon for 8/10 gamers at Chez Dunn on the weekend of 23/24 May ( Lynne is down vising her parents). So a weekend of BBQ, beers and Hammer.

Going to use the SCGT pack and see how that goes. I think it is extremely innovative, rewards army choice and by all accounts worked well at the event a couple of weeks ago.

The only changes making to the pack are that given the small nature of the field, the lists will be open rather than closed and the secret mission will be randomly determined rather than player choosing from a list and having to use them all. This eliminates intentional and unintentional "scouting" with such a small field.

Should be a bit of fun.


  1. Also super keen if you have spots available.

  2. I'd love to attend if you have spaces Pete.

    Alan Hughes

  3. Yep, count me in as well please.

    - Adam Richards

    1. Thanks Adam. I'm just checking whether I had odd or even number. Once I confirm you are next off rank.

      Little worried though as South Africans know little about BBQ

    2. You're good Adam...#12. And closed.