Thursday, April 2, 2015

Adepticon - General Pictures

Here are some general photos from Adepticon to give you a feel of what is on offer.

On the Friday Jack and I played in the Teams event and went 1-1-1.

The Bits area. This shop comes every year and you can generally find any model you are looking for - within reason. Jack picked up some metal Witch Elves while I got some metal Phoenix Guard and a Boltthrower.

He also has painted stuff as well as new. Great to finish off those units.
The 40k hall being set up. The White divider is sectioning off the vendor hall as it is set up. Normally it is removed.
The Fantasy hall. This year it was in the Ballroom. All carpeted, nice chairs. The light was ok but I missed last year's natural light.

Mike King and Regan Ridge from New Zealand played together in the Teams. Amazingly we were drawn against each other in Round 2. Quick word to the Umpire and all sorted.

I think things are looking sub-optimal.

Warhammer 40k hall up and running.

Another shot showing the weight of humanity.

The more salubrious Warhammer Fantasy hall for Gentleman gamers.


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  1. Thanks for the updates Pete - I would go just for the bitz hall....