Sunday, April 25, 2021

40K - Death Guard battle Imperial Knights

 This morning I had a game against Aaron's Imperial Knights with my Death Guard. We played The Scouring from the CA:GT2020 missions.

In the end I managed to grind out a comfortable win 72-36 which was largely due to the advantage I had in securing Primary Objectives. The Death Guard scored 5-15-5-15 vs. 5-0-5-0 for the Knights, providing a 30 point margin. In Secondary Objectives, I scored 10 for Engage on all Fronts, 12 for Titanhunter and 0 for Deploy Scramblers. Aaron had 9 for Grind Them Down, 4 for Engage and 3 for Assassinate.
So what was the story?

Turn 4: Blightlord Terminators Strung Out Protecting the Tallyman and Plaguecaster

Turn 4: Plague Marines and Foul Blightspawn Fall Back From Combat to Open Up Shooting on Knight

The Knights started with 3 Knights and 3 Armigers which meant they were always going to be up against it on Primaries. Over the course of the game they lost two of each which reduced their capacity both on Primary and on Engage secondary. The first Knight went down to mix of Deathshroud and Plague Marines after being softened up by shooting whereas the second was nickel and dimed, losing a steady stream of wounds to low AP shooting and the dreaded Plague knives (i.e. I got lucky).

Aaron had chance in his last turn to pick up 9 points for Assassinate and deny me 15 Primary points but unfortunately spreading the fire from the Castellan failed to kill any characters. This blew out the score as I had final turn to maximise points.

Picking Deploy Scramblers was a mistake. I should have realised I'd never reach the enemy deployment against Knights. Titanhunter was a no-brainer and I was happy with 10 from Engage. 

My clear learning from the game was a need to better select achievable Secondary Objectives and think about my Deployment....particularly the use of Deep Strike/Strategic Reserves.

My CP usage was far better this big turn (8 on T2)....but I finished still holding 4 at the end (didn't need to do anything last turn).

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