Monday, April 12, 2021

Hobby - The "Fatigue" Stage

 Saturday morning I painted the rims black on the last four figures for my 2000 points of Death Guard. The sense of achievement and satisfaction was palpable. This was a project done and dusted. There is an opportunity to expand the army - I have a number of Blight Drones and 30+ Poxwalkers in my bitzbox but they were never in the original army plan.

As I cleaned up my hobby desk, my eyes strayed to the left and staring at me accusingly was my Legio Vupla army for Adeptus Titanicus. This project was one of did over the New Year break and has been sitting uncompleted on my desk for three months. It is 80% done but has hit what I call the "Fatigue Stage".

The "Fatigue Stage" is that point you reach where you have completed a substantial part of the project - so have a significant sunk cost - but the enthusiasm has receded and you focus entirely on the work/effort to get it over the line. You realise it will only take "x" hours/days to finish but you want to move on to something more exciting....if it isn't addressed it will likely be boxed up as an unfinished project and potentially find its way to a Bring & Buy table at some event.

So how do you get through the "Fatigue Stage"? You can wait until there is a knock at the door and you are visited by New Enthusiasm or it becomes a case where you have to put on your Big Boy Pants.

Break down the work into a series of stages that you need to complete the project. By focusing on the steps rather than the entirety you can work on bite size chunks to do the necessary work.

For my Legio project I have the following tasks to complete:
  • Apply transfers
  • Finish weapons
  • Customise bases
  • Apply weathering pigments
  • Win!
Each of these stages is probably 1-2 evenings work but easily digestible while watching TV/Youtube or listening to a podcast. I'll approach each like a mini-project and work through it to completion. By my reckoning there is a week's worth of evenings.

Check back next week and hopefully there will be pictures of the completed Legio.

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