Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Hobby - Wargaming Cats: The New Generation

 Regular visitors to the Dunn household will remember the involvement of Prime Ginger, Nurgle in wargaming activities. He would quite happily get on the table, curl up and go to sleep. On odd occasions he would insert himself into games, I remember he took exception to Wil Hoverd's Ogre Kingdoms' Gorgers no matter where Wil brought them on.

Well this week we saw the emergence of a new generation as my 5 month kitten Suggs (who is already the size of a small horse) decided to be involved in a Death Guard/Imperial Knight battle.

He happily sat at the edge of the board watching the models being moved and dice rolled without inserting himself into the action.

He then decided to curl up in the corner of the table and monitor the use of Stratagem cards.

Very well behaved given his age.