Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Hobby - Mel Bose's "Terrain Essentials"

There is a UK YouTuber, Mel Bose, who over the past 5-6 years has created a series of videos on terrainmaking. I've watched these and have learned an enormous about the various techniques involved. Mel's work while not as sophisticated as, say Gaming Geek, allows you to put together functional terrain that is pleasing to the eye.

About 18 months ago, Mel ran a Kickstarter in conjunction with Dave Taylor to produce a book on terrainmaking. I have Dave's book on building armies and it is a great resource, well put together and always informative.

Recently I saw that Mighty Ape were carrying the finished book so I purchased a copy (NZD 75 ~ USD 50).

The book is a solid, hard-covered 180 pages in length. It is full colour, well set out with a couple of bookmark ribbons for easy access.

What is really good is that it includes well photographed step by step instructions demonstrating a plethora of techniques.  These are applicable to all different genres and scales of wargaming.

The mix of photos and drawings makes it easy to follow - and replicate. The writing style is chatty, much like Mel's videos.

The best thing with the book is that you can pick it up to investigate a particular technique or to fill in five minute gap.

I really recommend it. For its price it is great value. 

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