Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Hobby - GW Skulls

 A few years ago Games Workshop released as a hobby accessory, a pack of skulls. Now GW models get an awful lot of shade for including excess skulls on their models but perhaps the truth has been lying in plain sight. The 41k Millennium is not a very nice place and skulls have replaced the electric scooter as the ubiquitous urban accessory.

I never gave the pack much was always a bit of a "meh" to me. However as I watch more and more terrain making videos, I now realise I need more skulls in my life! And in this pack GW delivers.

Skulls.....340 of them. And not just human but also all range of Xenos. 

The best thing about these skulls is that they come on sprue rather than loose. This makes painting them so so much easier.

They are perfect for airbrushing. Priming and various zenithal shades plus washes can be added in little over 10 minutes. You then have a wide selection of skulls to add to bases, terrain, grisly trophy racks as you need them. It is as simple as clipping off the sprue, attaching to a model and then touching up any areas required.

Incredibly useful and incredibly good value. Citadel Skulls. Where have you been all my life!

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