Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Hobby - Citifight Tiles Near Completion

 So the weekend project of finishing my new Cityfight tiles and tying those with the previously produced tiles was a resounding success. I managed to get 95% of the work done and now it is just a case of running some filters over a couple of tiles and adding some wet effects to a few others. By my reckoning that will be one evening's work.

I now have forty 12" square tiles which allows me to create a number of diverse 5' x 4' boards or a large 10' by 4' table.

These are all based off the Secret Weapon Miniatures "Urban Streets" and "Damaged Urban Streets" Tablescape tiles. These are no longer available so I am glad I managed to add to my original 32 and to have finished the project.

Another one ticked off the Mournival Hobby Challenge for 2021:
  • Build and complete a table of terrain
  • Build a Titanicus engine
  • Build a new 40k army
Looking to move into my next project....I have a couple of things in mind, both 40k related

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