Friday, April 9, 2021

Hobby - A Revelation re Craft Knives

Over the summer here, I watched a lot of Youtube videos on hobby aspects of wargaming. 

One of the clips looked at hobby equipment and focused in on hobby knives. Most people use some sort of craft knife with Citadel, Tamiya, Excel and a swathe of No-Name brands being popular. However, in virtually all cases they use the #11 blade.

While universal, this is a very poor choice for most hobby jobs. The blade is generally too big for the job we want it to do and inevitably will lead to problems. These might be damage to model pieces or parts or injury to the user.

You get far better control with a more focused blade. I recently bought the Tamiya Design knife which has the #3 blade.
You can see that it has a much smaller blade which allows you to focus your energy and minimise the chances of slippage. Since I started using it I have noticed far greater precision, reduced need for pressure and, importantly, far fewer cut fingers.

Seems obvious now.

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